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EC: Setup label


Open Label:

Select one feature layer (point layer, line layer or polygon layer), right-click the mouse, then click [Setup label] to open the [Label] dialog.


Point layer, for example.

1. Common → Label by → Built in name

  (1) Select a point and right-click the mouse, click [Rename].

  (2) Pop up the [Rename] dialog. Enter 'Point 01', click [OK].

2. Common → Label by → Attribute field

  (1) Click the [...] button to open the [Field selector] dialog. Select a field name (From Attribute table), click

       the [OK] button.

  (2) Shown:

3. Background → Shape type: Rectangle, Square, Ellipse, and Circle

4. Background → Scale X: Width of backgroud shape to Length of string ratio

                            Scale Y: Height of backgroud shape to Height of string ratio

5. Text style → Type case: No change, All uppercase, All lowercase, and Capitalize first letter

6. Offset and Rotation