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Analyze: One-Sample Z Test


Column Index: Choose a numeric vector of data values in columns.

Use Summarize: Choose if you have summary values for the sample size, mean.
Sample Mean: Enter the value for the sample mean.

   Sample Size: Enter the value for the sample size. It is a integer constant. Value > 1

Standard Deviation: The value for the population standard deviation must be greater than 0.

                                    It is a numeric constant. Value > 0

Hypothesized Mean: Enter the test mean.

   Confidence Level: Enter the level of confidence desired. Enter any number between 0 and 1.
Alternative Hypothesis: It contains Mean ≠ Hypothesized Mean (two-tailed),

                                                              Mean < Hypothesized Mean (lower-tailed),

                                                              Mean > Hypothesized Mean (upper-tailed).

                                            If you choose a lower-tailed or an upper-tailedhypothesis test,

                                            an upper or lower confidence bound will be constructed, respectively,

                                            rather than a confidence interval.