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EC: Point Layer__Interpolate to


Add Points data

Method 1: Import scatter plot. ( see EC: Import scatter plot (*.txt, *.csv) )

Method 2: Add a point layer, draw points. Then specify the M value of each point.

                (see EC: Point layer)

Open [Interpolate to]

   1.  We have a points (Coord-X, Coord-Y, M-Value) data.

  2. Select the point layer and right-click the mouse, click [Interpolate to].

   3. Pop up [Interpolation 2D (use m value) to contour layer].

Modify M Value

   1. Click [Modify M Value] to open the [Modify M] dialog.

   2. Click [From field] to open the [Field selector] dialog.

   3. You can reselect the M value, click [OK]. M values in the [Modify M] dialog change.


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