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EC: Line Layer


1. Add line layer

   Select [Map] and right-click the mouse, move to [Add], then click [Line layer].

2. Draw lines

   Click [Line], draw line, then right-click the mouse to complete the drawing.

3. Shape editing

   Method One: Click [Select] button, Select the line.

   Method Two:

       (1) Click [Select], select the line. Right-click the mouse, click [Geometry].

       (2) Pop up [Line coordinates]. The M value is arbitrary value.

4. Move line

   Note: Put the mouse into the shallow green area.

5. Symbol

   (1) Methods to open [Line symbol] .

Method One: Select the line layer and right-click the mouse, Click [Symbol].

        Method Two: Select the line, right-click the mouse, then click [Layer symbol].

   (2) Pop up [Line symbol].


   (3) Renderer type: Simple (See the following contents)

                                  ClassBreak (See EC: Symbol__Renderer type__CalssBreak)

                                  Categories (See EC: Symbol__Renderer type__Categories)

       <1> Symbol layer type: ① Select linetype   ② Custom

       <2> Symbol layers

              Example 1:

              Example 2:

       <3> Line join and Line cap.