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M: Symbol__Renderer type__ ClassBreak



Draw features using color to show values.

Take polygon layer for instance:

1. Open ClassBreak

   (1) Select the polygon layer and right-click the mouse, then click [Symbol] to open the [Polygon symbol]


   (2) Renderer type: ClassBreak

2. Usage  

   (1) Select a field according to Attribute table.

   (2) Fill → Fill color

       Method 1: Color mode (see M: Raster Layer__Symbol__Color mode)

       Method 2: Click a color box

   (3) Fill Precision: Compute to N decimal places.

   (4) Fill → Input line value manual: Values must be set off by commas. When inputting is complete, press enter.

   (5) Fill → Min and Max: Minimum field value and Maximum field value.

   (6) Fill → By Count: Number of values

   (7) Fill → By Interval: The space between the value and adjacent value.

   (8) Stoke (See M: Line layer)