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TYMap Summary



This is a GIS (Geographic Information System) software, you can use it to view shape file and usgs dem file, modify the attribute table etc.

GUI Details


•  Measure Details

•  Boolmarks Details

Feature layer

•  point layer Details, line layer Details, polygon layer Details

•  Symbol → Simple, ClassBreak Details, Categories Details

•  Setup label Details

•  Setup chart Details

•  Add data from table Details

Other layer

•  Table layer

•  Text layer Details

•  Image layer Details

Attribute table Details

• Add field and Remove field Details

• Hide field and Display all fields

• Select all, Unselect all, Invert selection, Zoom to select, and Select by attributes Details

• Statistics Details, Summarize Details, Field calculator Details, Calculate geometry Details, Field properties

• Export Text csv (*.csv) / dBASE (*.dbf)

Tool box

•  Analysis (Vector)

   Geo processing tools

      •  Clip Details

      •  Split Details

      •  Erase Details

      •  Symmetrical defference  Details

      •  Identity Details

      •  Union Details

      •  Update Details

   Attribute table procession tools

      •  Extract by expression Details

     •  Sorting Details

   Proximity tools

      •  Buffer Details

      •  Multiple ring buffer Details

•  Features (Vector)

   Feature to point

      •  Create points by feature vertices Details

      •  Centroid point by feature Details

   Feature to line

      •  Polygon to line Details

      •  Points to line  Details

      •  Explode lines Details

  Feature to polygon

      •  Voronoi Details

      •  Delaunay triangle Details

      •  Bounding rectangle Details

      •  Line to polygon Details

      •  Count points in polygon Details

  •  Multipart and singlepart

      •  Multipart to singlepart Details

      •  Singlepart to multipart Details

•  Generalization (Vector)

      •  Merge layers Details

      •  Copy features Details

      •  Delete identity Details

      •  Dissolve Details

•  Raster transformation (Raster)

      •  Flip Details

      •  Mirror Details

      •  Rescale Details

      •  Offset Details

•  Raster processing (Raster)

      •  Unified color range Details

      •  Raster clip Details

Projection system Details

•  Geographic systems, Projected systems

•  Projection transformation

Import and Export

•  Import Scatter plot (*.csv, *.txt) Details

•  Import and export DXF (*.dxf) Details

•  Import and export ESRI Shapefile Details

•  Import and export TYGrid (*.tyGrid) Details

•  Import USGS DEM (*.dem) Details

•  Import Binary golden software grid 6 / 7 (*.grd)

•  Export Binary golden software grid 7 (*.grd)

•  Import and export ASC Arc/Info ASCII Grid (*.asc, *.aig, *.agr, *.grd)

•  Import and export Image

  PDF (Vector) (*.pdf) Recommended Use When exporting

  TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff), JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg),  PNG (*.png)

•  Export KML (*.kml) Details

Page layout

• Grids to the map Details

• Legend Details, Scale bar Details, North arrow Details

• The basic drawing: Text, Rectangle, Ellipse, Bitmap

• Change the background color of the map

•  Export PDF (Vector) Recommended Use