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TYS: Attribute Table



Attribute table information is the basis of geographic features, allowing you to visualize, query, and analyze your data. In the simplest terms, tables are made up of rows and columns, and all rows have the same columns. In TYSpace, rows are known as records and columns are fields. Each field can store a specific type of data, such as a number or piece of text.

Feature classes are really just tables with special fields that contain information about the geometry of the features. These include the Shape field for point, line, and polygon feature classes and the BLOB field for annotation feature classes. Some fields, such as Shape, are automatically added, populated, and maintained by TYSpace.


1. Select the layer you wanted to edit, right-click the mouse, click Attribute Table... button.

2. Attribute Table

  • Tables manage attributes. This means they store information. In a geodatabase, tables usually store information about a geographic entity.

  • Tables contain rows. Each row is one record. In a spatial table, each row represents one feature.

  • All rows in a table have the same columns. Columns are also called fields. They are the categories of information the table contains, such as names, areas or statuses.

  • Each field has a data type and a name.