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EC: Point Layer


4. Point symbol

   (1) Methods to open [Point symbol] .

       Method One: Select the point layer and right-click the mouse, Click [Symbol].

       Method Two: Select one point, right-click the mouse, then click [Layer symbol].

   (2) Pop up the [Point symbol] dialog.



(3) Renderer type: Simple (See the following contents)

                                ClassBreak (see EC: Symbol__Renderer type__CalssBreak)

                                Categories (see EC: Symbol__Renderer type__Categories)

   (4) Symbol layer type:

        1> Simple marker

        2> Character marker: You can enter any character (examples: ✈ ⚾ ☁ ☂ $ € ❆ ...).

5. Rename

   Select a point and right-click the mouse, click [Rename]. Pop up [Rename].

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