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Version: 4.0.1
Language: English
Family Sharing: Yes
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


Online help:  Help document

Video tutorial: YouTube - TYMap


This is a GIS (Geographic Information System) software, you can use it to view shape file and usgs dem file, modify the attribute table etc.

Feature layer (point layer Details, line layer Details, and polygon layer Details)

•  Add and edit points, lines or polygons

•  Render type: Simple, ClassBreak, Categories (according to Attribute table)

•  Symbol layer type (point layer): Simple marker,

                                                     Character marker (You can enter any character. Examples: ✈ ⚾ ☁ ☂ $ € ❆ ...)

•  Fill type (polygon layer): Simple, Gradient, Hatch, Picture

•  Label Details

•  Chart Details

•  Add data from table Details

Table layer, Text layer, and Image layer

•  Table layer

•  Text layer Details

•  Image layer Details

Attribute table Details

• Add field and Remove field Details

• Hide field and Display all fields

• Select all, Unselect all, Invert selection, Zoom to select, and Select by attributes Details

• Statistics Details, Summarize Details, Field calculator Details, Calculate geometry Details, Field properties

• Export Text csv (*.csv) / dBASE (*.dbf)

Tool box

•  Analysis (Vector)

     Geo processing tools

         Clip Details

       •  Split Details

       •  Erase Details

       •  Symmetrical defference  Details

       •  Identity Details

       •  Union Details

       •  Update Details

     Attribute table procession tools

       •  Extract by expression Details

      •  Sorting Details

     Proximity tools

       •  Buffer Details

       •  Multiple ring buffer Details

•  Features (Vector)

     Feature to point

       •  Create points by feature vertices Details

       •  Centroid point by feature Details

     Feature to line

       •  Polygon to line Details

       •  Points to line  Details

       •  Explode lines Details

    Feature to polygon

       •  Voronoi Details

       •  Delaunay triangle Details

       •  Bounding rectangle Details

       •  Line to polygon Details

       •  Count points in polygon Details

   •  Multipart and singlepart

       •  Multipart to singlepart Details

       •  Singlepart to multipart Details

•  Generalization (Vector)

       •  Merge layers Details

       •  Copy features Details

       •  Delete identity Details

       •  Dissolve Details

•  Raster transformation (Raster)

       •  Flip Details

       •  Mirror Details

       •  Rescale Details

       •  Offset Details

•  Raster processing (Raster)

       •  Unified color range Details

       •  Raster clip Details

Projection system Details

•  Geographic systems, Projected systems

•  Projection transformation

Import and Export

•  Import Scatter plot (*.txt, *.dat, *.csv, *.tab) Details

   The points coordinates and attributes are automatically added to attribute table while importing csv/txt file.

•  Import and export DXF (*.dxf) Details

•  Import and export ESRI Shapefile Details

•  Import and export TYGrid (*.tyGrid) Details

•  Import USGS DEM (*.dem) Details

•  Import Binary golden software grid 6 / 7 (*.grd)

•  Export Binary golden software grid 7 (*.grd)

•  Import and export ASC Arc/Info ASCII Grid (*.asc, *.aig, *.agr, *.grd)

•  Import and export Image

   PDF (Vector) (*.pdf)  Recommended Use When exporting

   TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff), JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg),  PNG (*.png)

•  Export KML (*.kml) Details

Page layout

Grids to the map Details

Legend Details, Scale bar Details, North arrow Details

The basic drawing: Text, Rectangle, Ellipse, Bitmap

Change the background color of the map

•  Export PDF (Vector) Recommended Use

Other tool from Toolbar

•  Bookmarks Details

•  Measure Details: Measure line, Measure area, and Measure angle

•  Goto XY